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Bali Specials


Bali is probably the most popular and evocative tourist destination in Indonesia. And visiting it will spark your senses. Despite the chaos of the bustling main tourist destinations, it has a wealth of natural beauty. Apart from this, the island also offers attractions for all kinds of traveler.

You can enjoy a dip at the spectacular beaches of Sanur and Tanjung Benoa. There’s also the island’s cultural area of Ubud, which is popular for its picturesque rice terraces. But if you want to get away from the crowds of tourists, you can head on to its neighbour Lombok just northeast of the coast. Here you’ll find hidden waterfalls just waiting for you to explore. Not only that but you can still experience the old, classic Bali by straying off the beaten track.

On the other hand, the west coast part of Bali boasts of mountain ranges covered by bountiful vegetation, lush greeneries, and rich fields. Not to mention the numerous historical sites on the island, from holy temples to royal palaces.

Undoubtedly, our Bali Specials and Experiences can fill your holiday with nature, culture, and art, as well as a spiritual experience. Additionally, you’ll get a rare in-depth glimpse of Bali in these destinations.