A city situated geographically in the middle between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Hue carries a rich royal history dating back hundreds of years and used to be the capital of Vietnam under the Nguyen Dynasty from 1802 – 1945. During that time, many now-historic sites were built and these remain the highlights of Hue. On the Old Citadel side of the river, beside the old French Bridge, there’s a typical market and a few shops. Near one of the citadel’s entrances are three restaurants side by side, selling delicious and authentic Hue cuisine. The middle one, Lac Thanh Restaurant is owned by Mr Lac, a deaf and mute man ‘ this is the original and is recommended by the Lonely Planet Guide (as no doubt you’ll see on the big signs outside his shop) He’s a great character and since his restaurant was so popular the two restaurants next door now employ deaf people too.


Across the river from the Old Citadel, you’ll find the bulk of hotels, shops and restaurants. The area is small and pleasant to walk around. A few 5 star hotels are in the making but at the moment, the Morin Saigon, a colonial style hotel is number one and also has a good central location.