Bali Island

Kuta Central is probably the area that most people think of when thinking about Bali. Kuta is where tourism began in Bali, starting out as a transit point of those seeking enlightenment in India. That was back in the 60’s. Then the Australian surfies based themselves here to surf the breaks and from that time until now, Kuta has become the ever developing, ever changing tourist capital of Bali.

Kuta Central is crammed into a tiny area of about 1 ½ km by 500 metres sandwiched between South Kuta and Legian.


These days many of the restaurants have international gourmet menus. Shops are becoming more boutique and exclusive but you’re still going to find great bargains, restaurant, bars and entertainment that flows into the night.


The place is always on the go and it’s easy to see why so many people go back year after year. It’s got everything you want – the great choice of hotels of budget to luxury, the shopping experience, the beach and the non-stop buzz and excitement.


You’ll always see surfers paddling their boards in the waves and the odd one catching a goodie, there’ll be some Bali locals renting surfboards, selling fresh pineapple and cold drinks, the old massage ladies and plenty of sunbathers from around the globe. The beach disappears into the mist at either end and is a lovely place to walk in the early morning hours.