Bali Island

Traditionally a fishing village, Sanur has managed to keep that lazy seaside feeling. The main street is lined with a mix of quaint little shops selling Bali knick-knacks mixed up with restaurants that have a real Balinese atmosphere and various types of accommodation.

Sanur beach is sheltered by a reef which can be surfed when there’s a good swell. During low tide it’s too shallow to swim but it’s still picturesque with an abundance of coconut palms and gold sand. There’s a wonderful walking track weaving its way along the beach. High tide turns the beach into a fun place of water sports and swimming.

Sanur is a good place for families who are looking for a safe beach for the kids to swim at and for couples that want to get away from the crowds but don’t want to be isolated.

At night food stalls appear out of nowhere in the market area and sell local delicacies at a fraction of restaurant prices. This is a fantastic place to experience some amazing Indonesian dishes in a more authentic environment.