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It is the only landlocked nation in South East Asia, and probably the most laid back nation too. Its neighbors include Thailand, China, MyanmarVietnam, and Cambodia. The country doesn’t have direct access to the sea. Before, transportation here was usually on foot or by the river. And even though, there’s an increase of paved roads, many villages here are only accessible by traveling on foot, or the river.


While other countries have vibrant growing cities, the capital Vientiane remains rather sleepy. There’s also kaleidoscope of ethnicities here, many living off the land, not much different to their ancestors.


The best time to visit Laos will depend on your preferences. If you want the perfect weather, visit during the cool season, although it’s also when things are the busiest. But if you’re after a quieter time, consider going during the wet season. The rain can be quite hard, but it’ll only last about an hour or two each day. And once the sun comes out, everything looks greener than you ever thought possible.


With an abundance of forests, mountains and wildlife, Laos is the perfect place for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Without a doubt, the picturesque town of Luang Prabang remains the favourite drawcard of the country. And while many other parts of the country remain ‘optional’ Luang Prabang is a must!

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