Malaysia is a land of diversity and a bustling melting-pot of religions and various Asian ethnicities. It’s a combination of modern cities, rugged mountains, and ancient forests, as well as palm-fringed islands.


It is also divided into two parts, Peninsular Malaysia joins Singapore at the bottom and Thailand at the top, and is home to the bulk of the population. Popular beach resorts of Penang and Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur are located on Peninsular Malaysia. East Malaysia shares the large island of Borneo with Indonesia and Brunei.


East Malaysia is the home of adventure tourism in Malaysia with Mt Kinabalu to climb, rain forest trekking in what remains (unfortunately it’s disappearing at an alarming rate) where you may come across monkeys, orangutans and even forest tribes still living in their traditional ways.


One of its main attractions, making the Asian country special is its extreme contrasts which only adds to its diversity. You’ll find skyscrapers towering over wooden houses made of stilts, while luxurious hotels are just a few meters away from ancient reeds. There’s also the rugged mountains dramatically reaching for the skies, while the cool highland hideaways roll down to warm, sandy beaches.